Expat Health Insurance for Individuals & Families

The ‘Globality YouGenio World’ expat health insurance plan has four different levels of cover available. The plans start out with the basic level of cover in their ‘essential’ plan and the level of cover increases as you go the ‘classic’ and ‘plus’ level plans.

Where Globality set themselves apart is with their ‘Top’ YouGenio plan, as it is one of the most comprehensive plans available on the market . This top level plan includes benefits for vaccinations and no limit on maternity benefits. The plan also boasts generous limits on things such as wellness checks, chiropractor treatment and acupuncture. Additionally, if desired this plan allows for a ‘nil deductible’ and unlike many insurers many benefits do not have a financial cap.

Please see the plan brochures for more detail about the differences between levels of cover.

Expat Health Insurance for Corporate Groups

For corporate groups the plan available is called ‘Globality CoGenio’ and offers three levels of cover including ‘classic’, ‘plus’ and ‘top’. Depending on the size of your business group there are some flexible underwriting options available, for example in some cases pre-existing conditions can be insured and an optional continuation of cover when transferring from another group international medical insurance provider.

For more information about the business group options available from Globality please contact Xact Expat.

* See Plan Brochures for comprehensive cover details.