International Health Insurance Options Available:

For individuals and families AXA PPP International offers 4 different levels of cover with optional ad-ons. They clearly layout what is and what is not covered for each of the cover options making it less confusing if you are not familiar with expat health insurance. For businesses their cover options range depending on the number of employees.

AXA PPP International also offers some region-specific and industry-specific international health insurance options.

AXA PPP International does offer some helpful benefits to all of their clients that you won’t find with many expat health insurance providers. One benefit is a language interpretation service so you don’t have to worry about a language barrier when getting medical treatment overseas. They also offer a 24-hour medical information helpline and personalised care management when you have a claim. Additionally, if you are looking to lower your premium they do offer some excess options.

For more details and information about the AXA PPP International Medical Insurance Plans Available please see the AXA PPP International Product Page listed on the left or Contact Xact Expat.