Expat Health Insurance for Individuals & Families

For individuals and families AXA PPP International offers a range of 4 different flexible expatriate health insurance plans and you can choose your area of cover (worldwide or worldwide excluding USA):

Standard – This plan is their low-cost option that covers the basics for day-patient or in-patient hospital treatment. - Optional Add-Ons include out-patient treatment and international travel plan.

Comprehensive – This is easily the most popular expat health insurance option offered through AXA PPP as it provides the essential treatment options. - Optional Add-Ons include dental care and international travel plan

Prestige – This comprehensive expat health insurance option offers a wide range of cover including annual health checks, and routine pregnancy costs. - Dental Care is an optional add-on

Prestige Plus – This top-of-the line plan offers an extensive range of cover including annual health checks, routine dental, palliative care, routine pregnancy costs and more.

Expat Health Insurance for Corporate Groups

If you have less than 150 employees you will have the same plan options as the individual and family plans listed above (standard, comprehensive, prestige and prestige plus). You will also have the option of choosing your area of cover (worldwide or worldwide excluding USA).

There are a couple slight differences between the group and the individual & family plans:

  • The comprehensive group cover offers dental or routine pregnancy as an optional ad-on.
  • If you have more than 5 employee there is an option to have pre-existing conditions covered.

If you have more than 150 employees then they will help you create a customised international expatriate health insurance plan that suits the needs of your company and employees.

Some additional features to your customised plan:

  • Access to online membership management (change details, remove members, etc.)
  • Tailored information reports for management
  • Secure online members area
  • Dedicated support service

Regional Expat Health Insurance Cover

They offer two international expat health insurance plan options that are region-specific. Region specific plans can often save you money compared to a general plan as they will often reduce the area of cover and be tailored to the specific area and its associated medical costs.

The two regional options:

  • Europe (You choose your specific country of cover)
  • Channel Islands (2 different plan options)

Marine Crew International Health Insurance

This industry-specific international health insurance coverage is for marine crews whether they are working on an industrial vessel or a yacht. The options for area of cover are the same as the individual, family and group plans (worldwide or worldwide excluding USA). This plan offers three different levels of cover (Standard, Comprehensive and Prestige).

* See Plan Brochures for comprehensive cover details.