Expat Health Insurance For Individuals & Families

‘International Solutions’ is an expatriate health insurance plan from Aviva that is available to Individuals & Families. Aviva’s expat health insurance plans are designed for expats living and/or working abroad for 6 months or more.

‘International Solutions’ plans are based on geographic regions as follows:

  • Region 1 - Arabian Gulf, Indian sub-continent, Southern and Eastern Africa
  • Region 2 - Europe East, Scandinavia and Benelux
  • Region 3 - Far East and Australasia excluding China and Hong Kong
  • Region 4 - Europe West, excluding Scandinavia and Benelux
  • Region 5 - Rest of Africa, Central and South America, China, Canada and Hong Kong
  • Region 6 - USA and the Caribbean

*Based on your region of cover, you will also have cover automatically included for lower number regions as well. For example, if your international expat health insurance cover is for region 3 you will also get cover for regions 1 & 2 automatically.

Aviva offers a special expat health insurance plan called ‘Emirates International Solutions’ that is specifically tailored for expats living in the UAE. Contact Xact Expat today to find out more.

Expat Health Insurance For Businesses

Aviva’s ‘International Solutions’ plan also has a plan option for businesses to insure their expat employees. Unlike the ‘individual & family’ option of this plan employees on this plan will only be covered in the region they are based (except with the 60 day emergency cover).

As with many expatriate health insurance plans, with ‘International Solutions’ you have the option of upgrading cover (such as maternity and dental) which will increase your premium, or there are options to reduce cover and premium (such as adding an excess).

* See Plan Brochures for comprehensive cover details.