International Health Insurance Options Available:

ALC Health recognises that individuals and companies are unique and don’t all have the same international healthcare needs, which is why they choose to take a personal approach when dealing with clients. Their international expat health insurance plans are flexible and can be adjusted according to the international healthcare needs and budget of their clients.

The 'innovative' expat health insurance cover they provide is meant to mirror the expatriate lifestyle needs and budget. They have extensive knowledge of regional cultures around the globe and a wide range of language skills to aid in providing a highly knowledgeable and personalised experience for their expat clients.

Blood Care Foundation

One feature of being an ALC Health client is membership to the Blood Care Foundation. The Blood Care Foundation provides screened blood in the case of an emergency wherever you are in the world.

So if you are involved in an emergency where a blood transfusion is necessary the Blood Care Foundation will find out the necessary information pertaining to your transfusion requirements. They will then transport the screened blood via qualified courier* to your international location within 12-18 hours (this is dependant on air transport schedules and may vary).

*What is a 'qualified courier'? – A qualified courier will be either a paramedic or an anaesthetist that has been trained in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. Qualified couriers will be capable of establishing a blood transfusion.

For more details and information about the ALC Health International Medical Insurance Plans Available please see the ALC Health Product Page listed on the left or contact Xact Expat.