Expat Health Insurance for Individuals & Families

For individuals and families ALC Health offers a range of 4 different flexible expatriate health insurance plans as follows:

Prima Concept – This expat health insurance plan is designed for expats on a budget. It’s a low cost option that includes cover for essential ‘everyday’ medical treatment. This plan also offers the option of adding emergency evacuation or repatriation cover.

Prima Classic – The 'Classic' plan option is a step up from the ‘Concept’ plan, in addition to offering the essential benefits such as out-patient, day-patient and in-patient cover there are additional options available to add to the policy.

Additional items you can select from:

  • Routine Dental
  • Routine Pregnancy & Childbirth (2 cover different levels of cover available)
  • Evacuation or Repatriation

Prima Premier – ALC considers this their ‘traditional’ expat health insurance plan option. It is very similar to the PrimaClassic plan in the nature of what it covers, but with a few additional included benefits and generally higher limits of cover for the various benefits make this plan more comprehensive than the classic. There are also 4 different 'pregnancy & childbirth' levels of cover available to add on to the policy.

Prima Platinum – This is the highest level expat health insurance cover available through ALC Health. This is a luxury expatriate health insurance plan designed with the highest levels of monetary cover. This plan has an extensive range of covered medical treatments, including IVF treatment. This plan also has the option to add routine dental, evacuation/repatriation and pregnancy & childbirth (4 levels of cover available).

Expat Health Insurance for Corporate Groups

All the above plans, (Prima Platinum, Prima Premier, Prima Classic and Prima Concept) are available to corporate groups of four or more employees.

On group expat health insurance plans there are some additional underwriting terms, cover and benefits options available, such as the following:

  • Age-related premiums (up to 49 employees)
  • Claims-related premiums (50 or more employees)
  • Moratorium acceptance with option to transfer Continued Personal Medical Exclusions or continue Medical History Disregarded terms (10+ employees)
  • Inclusion Options for dental, routine pregnancy and evacuation/repatriation

Regional Expat Health Insurance Cover

If you are an expat living in Gibraltar, Portugal or Spain then there is an expatriate health insurance plan specifically for that region. ALC Health have regional offices in Marbella and Madrid.

The plan covers:

  • In-patient treatment
  • Out-patient treatment
  • Option to add dental, pregnancy & childbirth and evacuation/repatriation

* See Plan Brochures for comprehensive cover details.