• International medical evacuation

Essential International Medical Insurance Benefit

Depending on your expat location this could be one of the most important benefits provided by an international expat health insurance policy. This benefit provides that when if you are injured or ill and there is no ‘reasonable’ medical treatment available locally you will be evacuated to a nearby medical facility that can properly treat your ailment. So while this benefit may not be necessary for an expat in Hong Kong if you are located in an African jungle this benefit could literally be a ‘life saver’!

The emergency evacuation benefit can vary by international medical insurance provider and policy to policy. Sometimes you may be allowed a choice of destination or possibly repatriation to your home country. In addition to transport for medical necessity it also often covers the cost for family member’s accommodation, repatriation of mortal remains or overseas burial.

Did you know...

You can usually lower your international expat health insurance premium by excluding certain locations from your policy, such as the USA?

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