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Expat Health Insurance & Chronic Conditions

Definition of a Chronic Condition:

A disease, illness or injury which generally has at least one of the following characteristics:

  1. It continues indefinitely and has no known cure
  2. It comes back or is likely to come back
  3. It is permanent
  4. You need to be rehabilitated or specially trained to cope with it
  5. If needs long-term monitoring, consultations, check-ups, examinations or tests

While most international medical insurance providers will not cover pre-existing chronic conditions, this will vary so it is important that they are declared and assessed. Some international medical insurance providers will only cover the stabilisation of acute flare-ups of a chronic condition, others will also cover the routine maintenance of such a conditions such as prescription drugs. Policy wording should be read thoroughly – if you need help of have any questions contact us.

Did you know...

That your international expat health insurance premium will be highly dependant on where in the world you are located?

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