Are Pre-Existing Conditions Covered on Expat Health Insurance Plans?

Many international medical insurance providers will automatically exclude pre-existing medical conditions. Or some may review your medical conditions upon application and grant limited cover after a qualifying wait period for the pre-existing conditions they chose to accept.

It is very important that if asked by your international medical insurance provider at the time of application; that you always fully, and truthfully, disclose any, and all, pre-existing medical conditions. This is very important, because failure to do so may invalidate your policy and could mean you are left without cover.

When switching from one expat medical insurance provider to another always check how they will consider pre-existing medical conditions that you had before you bought your last policy. Also, check how they will consider any new conditions that may have arisen during your last policy because in most situations your new expat medical insurance provider will probably consider them pre-existing conditions to themselves - meaning they would not be covered under your new policy.