Reconstructive Surgery

Surgery used to restore function and tissue form to the body such as plastic surgery


Refers to treatment aimed to restore normal form and function after a serious illness or injury.


Amount of money that you receive for a claim, expenses, damages or losses as determined by your Insurer

Renewal Date

The date on which your international health insurance policy will expire unless extended (renewed).


To return to your home country on a permanent basis.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

Refers to the transportation of the deceased’s mortal remains from the country of residence to the country of burial.

Routine Health Checks

Refers to tests and screening performed when no medical symptoms of illness are present. They are used as a preventative and early warning mechanism to promote and encourage good health and can include things like checking vital signs, the cardiovascular system and cancer screening.

Routine Maternity

Refers to medical costs incurred during pregnancy and childbirth such as hospital accommodation, fees associated with normal pregnancy and midwife fees.

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Specialist (Consultant)

An expert doctor / physician that specialises in a particular branch of medical science.

Specialist Fees

Expenses associated with consultations or treatment by a specialist.

Surgical Prostheses (Surgical Appliances)

Refers to artificial body parts or devices that are medically necessary following surgery.

Term life insurance

A life insurance policy that is in effect for a set number (a term) of years which pays out a defined amount in the event of death.

Terrorism Benefit

Refers to cover for injuries and illnesses that arise from an act of terrorism.


Someone who provides therapy (care) for someone.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is designed for holiday makers and those travelling for less than one year. Travel insurance does not provide comprehensive levels of cover and usually provides only basic forms of emergency in-patient treatment benefits. They will normally require you to return home for continued treatment once you are fit to fly. Furthermore some of the benefits that travel insurance provides are different to international expat health insurance such as cover for lost baggage or missed departure.


Refers to any medical procedure or practice with the intention of curing or relieving illness or injury.