Refers to treatment associated with tumours such as diagnostic tests, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other hospital fees associated with the treatment of cancer.


The dental practice and use of devices to restore teeth to proper alignment and function.


Treatment based on the manipulation of bones and muscles.

Out of Area Cover

Refers to treatment and services that are outside your geographical area of cover (Worldwide, Europe, etc) that are none the less deemed eligible for treatment and reimbursement.

Out-Patient Surgery

A surgical procedure performed in a day-care or out-patient facility that does not require you to stay overnight in hospital.

Out-Patient Treatment

Refers to treatment provided in the practice or surgery of a medical practitioner, therapist or specialist that does not require the patient to be admitted to hospital.

Parental Accommodation

A benefit designed to provide cover for reasonable costs incurred by parents when having to stay in accommodation due to their child being admitted to hospital.

Payment Terms / Payment Frequency

International expat health insurance premiums can usually be paid for on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. The lower the payment frequency, the lower your total overall premium will be.

Policy Holder

The person who owns or is subscribed to an international medical insurance policy.

Policy Wording

The policy wording is the contract of insurance and the exact offer from the international medical insurance company to you. It is (usually) a document that contains full terms and conditions of the coverage offered, including any applicable exclusions, conditions and limitations to cover.

Post-natal Care

Refers to medical treatment received by the mother, the child or both after birth.


Is a general term referring to the requirement that the insured must obtain authorisation / approval from the international medical insurance company before proceeding with treatment if the treatment is to be deemed eligible for reimbursement.

Pre-existing Conditions

Medical conditions or any related medical conditions for which one or more symptoms have surfaced over a number of years (usually 1-5 years or longer depending on the Insurer) prior to commencement of cover.

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Pre-natal Care

Treatment for women during pregnancy/prior to childbirth such as diagnostic tests.


The amount made payable to the international medical insurance company according to your policy wording. Typically premiums can be made on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. Premiums are determined by the Insurer based on a variety of factors but primarily age, level of cover, geographical area of cover, and country of residence. Premiums can often be paid in a range of different currencies.

Prescription Drugs

Pharmaceutical drugs available only on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner and available only from pharmacies.

Preventative Treatment

Refers to treatment that is undertaken without any symptoms being present at the time of treatment in order to promote and encourage good health to thereby prevent ill health.

Primary Care

A broad term referring to routine care of common health problems and chronic illnesses that can be managed on an out-patient basis.


Cover associated with the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.


Refers to personal counseling used to treat problems of living such as depression.