Age Limits

An age range in which an international medical insurance company will only accept applications or renew policies.


Refers to a person that is applying for international health insurance coverage.

Area of cover / coverage area

The geographic region (the set of countries) in the world where the insured is entitled to claim for medical treatment. This is usually Worldwide or Worldwide excluding USA. Because of the unproportionally high medical costs in the USA, Insurers will demand a higher premium (+ 150% - 300%) if you want to be covered. Some international medical insurance providers will have more location specific areas of cover such as Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia as areas of cover.


A broad term which describes any treatment, service or otherwise help under an international expat health insurance plan that will restore, maintain, facilitate or encourage good health. Benefits are segmented by type (in-patient, out-patient, dental, etc) and carry specific definitions, exclusions and limitations as described in the table of benefits (also known as ‘schedule of cover’) and other supporting documentation.

Benefit Limit

Describes specifically the financial limit beyond which the international medical insurance company will not, or under what conditions reimburse the insured for a specific benefit.

Benefit Period

A benefit period is a length of time during which the insured can be reimbursed for the costs of the benefit incurred.

Cancellation Period

The period of time within which you are entitled to change you mind and request a refund where applicable in the event you decide to cancel or not proceed with your cover.

Chronic Condition

A sickness, illness or disease which has one of the following characteristics:

  • is recurrent;
  • is without a cure;
  • does not respond well to treatment;
  • requires prolonged supervision / care;
  • leads to permanent disability.


A request made by the insured or the insured's sponsor to pay for services rendered.

Claim Form

A form sometimes required to be submitted when claiming a refund of costs from the international medical insurance company. Can be paper or digital.


Refers to the shared amount of money that you are obligated to pay for covered medical services/treatment. In the table of benefits, you may see something like: "Dental - 20 % Co-Insurance". This means that you must share the cost of dental treatment with the Insurer where you will pay 20% of the bill and the Insurer will pay the remaining 80% subject to you remaining within the benefit limit.

Compassionate Home Visit

In the event of a relative passing away some Insurers will cover the cost of an economy class return fare air ticket for you to return home.

Complementary treatment

Refers to therapeutic treatment as an alternative or is outside conventional Western medicine such as Chinese herbal medicine or acupuncture.

Complications of childbirth

This definition differs from Insurer to Insurer however generally this refers to abnormal conditions that arise during childbirth such as postpartum hemorrhage, retained placental membrane and medically necessary caesarean sections.

Complications of pregnancy

This refers to the health of the mother during the pre-natal (preceding) stages of pregnancy such as miscarriage or stillbirth.

Convalescent home

Refers to a medical facility designed to treat and care for patients with long-term or chronic illnesses.

Country of Residence

The principle country in which you spend most of your time during a year living in.

Cover (Coverage)

A general term describing the fact that the insured is insured. It could refer to a specific benefit or expat health insurance broadly.

Coverage Period

The timeframe in which the insured can receive and claim for medical expenses as detailed in his or her international medical insurance policy documentation.

CT Scan (CAT Scan)

Or computerised axial tomography is a sophisticated x-ray / imaging procedure for showing bone detail primarily.