Questions Regarding International Expatriate Health Insurance:

Expat Location:

  • Are you covered by any cross-border reciprocal agreement on healthcare?
  • What is the quality of healthcare like in your foreign location? Will you need to have the option of treatment in a different country?
  • Are quality healthcare facilities and treatment available locally?
  • Will you need cover across a number of countries or just one or two? [Your geographic area of expat health insurance cover can make a substantial price difference.]

Expat Health Insurance Benefits:

  • How much do out-patient treatments and doctor visits cost? Would you be willing to pay for this yourself and leave your expat health insurance for the “big” costs?
  • Do you have children and therefore need more out-patient cover?
  • Are you planning on having children? [Maternity services can be very expensive!]
  • Are you happy to pay for your own trips to the dentist and dental treatment, or do you want coverage for dental treatment?
  • Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions and are you happy to pay for their treatment, or do you want to try and obtain some coverage for these?

Length of Expat Medical Cover:

  • The shorter the length of time you need cover, the lesser the risk of something happening to you.
  • Conversely, if you are planning on living abroad for a long period of time, or even permanently then it may be worth thinking of covering a wider variety of more long term illnesses and conditions.
  • If you are on a medium term expat assignment, consider if you want cover to continue when you return back to your home country.

Expat Health Insurance Budget:

  • Obviously a very important consideration!
  • Discussing your international expatriate health insurance needs and budget with XactExpat enables us to tailor a solution for your situation.
  • Would you be willing to utilise a higher excess or deductible to lower the cost of your premiums?
  • Are you able to pay for your expat health insurance annually upfront and get a discount compared to paying by instalments?
  • Don’t pay for stuff you don’t need! International Expat health insurance policies can be customised and tailor suited to your needs and budget so you don’t need to pay for things you don’t need. Exclude areas/locations you don’t need or benefits you don’t need – for example, if you are a single male there is no need for maternity cover!