7 October The cabinet decided that the law passed by parliament in November 2014 will come into effect on 1 November 2015. The law states that Swiss citizens living abroad must register their whereabouts and reimburse government costs of coming to their aid if they are kidnapped or taken hostage. It is estimated that more than 756,000 Swiss citizens live abroad, about one in ten of the population.



4 October It was reported that Dauphine Libere (27), a Frenchwoman working at L’Institut Francais in Port-au-Prince, was released by her kidnappers during the night of 30 September after being kidnapped for one week. She had been kidnapped the previous Thursday night by a group of men who contacted the French Ambassador a few hours later and demanded a ransom of Euros1 million (USD1,132,350) against a threat to kill her. A local police negotiator worked with the French authorities to obtain her release.

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