9 May The police said that three men had been formally charged with the kidnapping of an unnamed man from his home in Toby Heights, May Pen, Clarendon, on 1 May. Reports suggest that the men entered their victim’s home on the night of 1 May and demanded money and other valuables but when he refused, they kidnapped him and made a demand of J$12 million (USD103,800) for his release. The police were informed and, after investigating the matter, arrested the three suspects and the victim was released.

Trinidad and Tobago

17 May Amit Singh (22), owner of a minimart in Curepe, was kidnapped by three men as he entered his home in Cunupia at around 11:30pm. The kidnappers forced him into a waiting vehicle, blindfolded him and demanded money. When he said he could not help, they began hitting him before driving away to an unknown destination. The following day, the victim’s father, Nandlal Singh, received a telephone call from the kidnappers demanding a TT$1 million (USD157,750). On 19 May, the kidnappers again called his father and allowed the victim to speak to him as “proof of life”. The kidnappers made another ransom demand. At around midnight the same day, the victim was released although it is believed no ransom was paid. Nandlal Singh was kidnapped from his home at Charlieville in October 2005 but managed to escape three days after his abduction.


United Kingdom

15 May A kidnap gang who blackmailed £30,000 from the mother of a kidnap victim were jailed for a total of 63 years at the Old Bailey, London. The victim was snatched from his flat in Enfield and taken to the stronghold of Courtney Bishop, the gang leader. The kidnappers burnt, beat and even inserted a steel pole into the rectum of the victim. The victim had his head covered and heard one of the gang say: “If it’s not here in 20 minutes he loses a finger”. The victim was released when his mother met with the gang in Norwood Country Park, south London, and paid £30,000. The victim spent four days after his release in hospital in extensive care. The kidnapping happened on 5 May 2013. The gang had also kidnapped a 27 year old man from his home in Upper Holloway on 3 May 2013. In this incident, a sock was forced into the victim’s mouth, a pillowcase placed over his head before he was beaten – causing a broken eye socket – and burned with an iron and boiling water. The victim’s family and friends were asked for ransom money before the victim was released and dumped in Chalk Farm.

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