17 June Markus Wuerth (50), the son of billionaire Reinhold Wuerth (80), Chairman of the Wuerth tool and hardware company, was kidnapped in an area to the northeast of Frankfurt. The incident prompted a police manhunt that may have contributed to the victim’s release on 18 June. A 2 million Euros (USD2.3 million) ransom was demanded but not paid. The victim was found chained to a tree in a forest near Wurzburg, about 100 kilometres southeast of where he was kidnapped, after the kidnappers sent the police GPS coordinates. The victim was kidnapped by masked men from the home for the mentally disabled where he has lived for 30 years. He developed learning difficulties as a child. The Wuerth Group has an annual revenue of 10bn Euros (USD11.4bn) and employs more than 63,000 people.

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