11 August According to witnesses, about 15 gunmen in two SUVs arrived at the prison in Croix-des-Bouquets around midday and opened fire on guards wounding two. Prisoners who were on recreation time started rioting and 329 escaped in the commotion. The attack appears to have been orchestrated to free Clifford Brandt, a member of a wealthy family, who has been awaiting trial since 2012 for allegedly running a kidnapping gang in Port au Prince.



22 August Rebels from the banned Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) kidnapped two workers in Bingol province, in the east of the country. A group of PKK rebels attacked a road construction project operated by a private company in Genc town, set fire to two machines and kidnapped two workers.

24 August Security sources said that three Chinese engineers had been kidnapped by suspected members of PKK from a shop in Silopi, Sirnak province, in the south east of the country near the border with Iraq and Syria. The militants then attacked a power plant construction site where the three victims were working. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the incident.


17 August A National Security and Defence Council (NSDC) spokesman said that pro-Russian militants are kidnapping civilians and demanding ransoms. He added that the previous day the militants had kidnapped 8 civilians – 3 in Luhansk, 3 in Kharkiv and 2 in Donetsk. In total, 1000 civilians have been kidnapped.

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