With the festive season now upon us (well it must be, because the office Christmas tree is now up and decorated!), many expats will be planning their Yuletide festivities.

For many people living the expatriate lifestyle, Christmas is a major event and brings back happy and evocative memories of celebrations “back home”. Turkey, stuffing, sprouts (personally I couldn’t do without them but I know loads of people hate them!) and crackers are just some of the regular trappings of Christmas day.

As an expat though, how do things change when you are abroad? Even with many big (and small) companies able to deliver internationally; do expats still try and remain true to tradition? Is it a case of still sourcing all of the relevant food (and drink, where allowed) and having a family day or do you adapt to local traditions and experience new ways of celebrating? What is the most difficult part of celebrating Christmas in a different country?

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