The results of the annual HSBC Expat Explorer survey are in! This year they had a record number of expatriates participate in the survey, almost 100 different countries were represented by the expatriate participants. The results of this survey are always entertaining and informative for current expats but can also provide some excellent insight for anyone thinking of moving overseas.

For overall expat experience Asia boasts 5 countries in the top 10 including Thailand (which ranked first), Singapore, China, India and Taiwan.

Overall Expat Experience top 10:
1- Thailand
2- Bahrain
3- China
4- Cayman Islands
5- Australia
6- Singapore
7- India
8- Taiwan
9- Spain
10- Brazil

When it comes to expat economics here are the top 5:
1- Switzerland
2- China
3- Qatar
4- Thailand
5- Cayman Islands

And here are the top 5 ranking results for raising children overseas:
1- Germany
2- Singapore
3- France
4- New Zealand
5- South Africa

Now that we’ve take a look at the top three ranking criteria (experience, economics and raising children), let’s dig down a little deeper and take a look at some of the top rankings for some items you might not find reported in most news publications :-)

Top 5 countries for enjoying local food:
1- Japan
2- Thailand
3- Turkey
4- China
5- Indonesia

Top 5 countries for making friends:
1- Cayman Islands
2- Thailand
3- Russia
4- Malaysia
5- Bahrain

Top 5 countries for entertainment:
1- Argentina
2- Mexico
3- United Kingdom
4- Russia
5- United States

Top 5 countries for healthcare access and quality:
1- Taiwan
2- France
3- Bahrain
4- Belgium
5- Germany

Top 5 countries for local weather:
1- Cayman Islands
2- Turkey
3- Thailand
4- Singapore
5- Australia

There are lots of other criteria factors not mentioned here, but it’s worth checking out the interactive HSBC Expat Explorer survey tool for yourself.

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