Your Digital Expat Health Insurance Policy

Unless you specifically request a paper version of your expat health insurance policy documents we will only ever send your documents electronically in digital format. Typically this is done by sending you and email with a PDF attachment. Our 100% digital policy covers the entire process of applying for your expat health insurance, from the initial quote, through to purchase and subsequent annual renewals.

If you prefer a paper copy of your policy you may request one, or simply print the document out from your home or work computer.

Why 100% Digital?

We know that not everyone likes everything digital which is why we give you the option of printing yourself or requesting a paper copy. But we did want to share with you why we made the decision to go 100% digital – our three primary reasons are as follows:

  • Your Security - First, and foremost is that being 100% digital is a much safer and more secure way to store your records and information. We take all the necessary precautions to provide the best digital security for your data.
  • Saves Time – Operating a 100% digital business saves a lot of time and is much less hassle for our clients. We don’t’ have to wait for the post/mail to exchange documents with clients and we don’t have to physically go look through a filing cabinet to pull up your information it’s all securely stored at our fingertips.
  • Corporate Responsibility – We are an environmentally conscious company and going paperless is one more way that we can contribute to being 'green' and do our part for the community.


In addition to keeping things paperless, in our efforts to be 100% digital we also have made 'face to face' advice readily available through Skype. It’s a free and convenient way to get the advice you need about your international expatriate health insurance over the internet by webcam, microphone or instant messaging wherever you may be in the world.